Senior Executives

Boost the leadership capabilities of your most seasoned executives. Focused on the strategic planning and business skills that have the biggest impact.


Partner with our team of experts to develop highly-customised, multi-platform learning solutions for roll-out anywhere in the world.

Small groups

Provide guidance for teams executing critical projects. Engagements may support change initiatives, team expansion or action learning projects.

Four Dimensions of Leadership & Talent

Leveraging the world’s largest set of data on talent and decades of research, SimitriHR has catalogued the elements of talent and isolated the most potent facets. The result, SimitriHR Four Dimensions of Leadership & Talent, is the talent intelligence engine that powers all our solutions and products. Our most credible tool yet for evaluating talent.

Providing an Angel’s Advocate

Coaching Overview

SimitriHR coaching develops the leadership, communication skills and personal effectiveness to improve outcomes for the individual, team and company. Coaching can be used to address an urgent and compelling need, improve self-awareness or cultivate long-term personal development.

The coach provides a fresh perspective on personal and business challenges, acting as an angel’s advocate to guide the individual towards growth and effectiveness. Simitri selects and develops coaches who can draw on their own substantial executive management, industry and cultural experience. With backgrounds in MNCs all around the world, our coaches provide insight from both a local and a global point of view, delivering the knowledge that the coachee needs to achieve success.